Military and Veterans Affairs

Mission Statement

The purpose of this committee is to recognize and support the members of The MWPHGLNC who are serving and who have served in the Uniformed Armed Services. The MWPHGLNC is showing its support to all of our members with the development of this committee which promotes awareness and support, thereby enhancing our abilities to assist our members in and out of uniform.


To ensure the MWPHGLNC stay abreast of its members within the jurisdiction who are serving or have served in the Armed Forces. To ensure representation of those members throughout the jurisdictions of the MWPHGLNC. To show recognition at each Annual Grand Session for our members who are currently serving and who have served our great nation.

Objective and responsibility

To provide awareness to our membership that the MWPHGLNC supports the Armed Services/Forces, to develop procedures and programs that will accomplish the objectives of the Military and Veterans Affairs Department, to receive and disseminate useful vital information to the members within our jurisdiction.